21 March
Clean Modern Designs Combined With Amazing Artwork Has Become A Look Many People Are Wanting To Replicate In Their Homes. As we see the fresh style of modernism popping up everywhere, from hotels to apartment buildings, it’s easier than ever to envision a neutral colored,...
5 January
For many, art is considered a decoration – an afterthought to the room design. Sure, paintings can be added in a room at any phase, and it will, most likely, bring some character and beauty to it. But the truth is that when art becomes...
10 December
In this post, I share how I brought knowledge from the art world into my interior design projects. By approaching interior design through the eyes of an art dealer, a whole new relationship to space unfolds.
21 October
The art world was Betty's pathway to interior design. Read the story about how she got into the art business and how it eventually led to her discovering her love for interior design.