5 January

Art & Light

For many, art is considered a decoration – an afterthought to the room design.

Sure, paintings can be added in a room at any phase, and it will, most likely, bring some character and beauty to it. But the truth is that when art becomes a primary consideration of a construction, then the result can be truly breathtaking. One significant influence, on the effect and impression of art, is the lighting.

I have visited untold galleries, designed many interiors, and have viewed stunning and impressive artwork; so it is safe for me to say that when art and light are thought of as one, the outcome will not fail to impress. Lighting is such an important part of interior design, it sets the overall mood and affects the functionality of space.

Image source: Betty Wasserman

Unfortunately, we designers don’t always have the joy of being involved in our projects during the phase of lighting design. For designers, such as myself, who consider art to be not just a decorative accessory but more of a necessary feature in any interior, when given the chance to be involved in the very structure of an interior, our priorities and plans change!

Image source: Betty Wasserman

Each time I am given the opportunity to be involved in the lighting design, I make sure that art becomes part of the room’s architecture and not only its decor. In some occasions, it can even be considered before furnishings. It is amazing what difference it makes to the room’s aesthetic! Art becomes one of the basic and irreplaceable features of the home where everything else is arranged around it; furniture, fabrics, and even colors can be afterthoughts.Trust me when I say that a good piece of art looks fine in a room, but it will look excellent – or even brilliant – when given special attention and is given the benefit of the right lighting.

I am not only referring to artificial lighting. The natural light in a room is just as important when considering art placement and can truly make a difference in the overall experience one has upon entering a space.

Image source: Betty Wasserman

Although it is a real treat to have art placed in the primary stages of the design, unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way; this means that art placement has to be approached differently. Our goal remains the same, which is to help the art look its best and the room to benefit from its addition to the space.

Image source: Betty Wasserman