21 March

Stay On Trend Without The Commitment

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Image source : Betty Wasserman

Clean Modern Designs Combined With Amazing Artwork Has Become A Look Many People Are Wanting To Replicate In Their Homes.

As we see the fresh style of modernism popping up everywhere, from hotels to apartment buildings, it’s easier than ever to envision a neutral colored, minimalist home featuring metals, art deco lighting, and floor-to-ceiling windows. However, as much as we all may love this look right now, it’s important to consider both the here-and-now as well as the future when designing a home. Falling in love with a particular trend and decorating or reconstructing your home to reflect that may look impressive this year, but what is also important is how it will look – or be perceived – ten years down the road.

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Image source : Betty Wasserman

Preparing your home to stay on top of the trends – whether you want to switch the look up every few years or every season – is surprisingly quite doable. Having the right foundation is always key, think timeless pieces that aren’t necessarily on trend but ones that will maintain the home’s design.

When purchasing your foundation pieces keep in mind that you can’t go wrong by selecting classic shapes and adaptable neutral colors, as well as sophisticated woods. Classic, neutral, and natural materials ensure longevity for your furniture investments, including sofas, chairs, dining tables, dressers, and the like.

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Image source : Betty Wasserman

Once the foundation is in place, this is the time to start integrating trends into your home. The trend pieces don’t have to be bold, in fact, they can be quite subtle, especially if you want an interior that will easily adapt to other styles. For example, I am really loving the copper movement, so when I add this look into my designs I like to use it primarily in accessories, bar stool legs, and light fixtures. The reason is, all of these furnishings are not hard to replace, making it easy for the resident to change the look of their home without needing to redo their whole interior.


Image source : Betty Wasserman

For those who are pleased to see an increase of color in today’s interior designs, bringing this trend into your home can also be done in a way that doesn’t force you to commit for the next five years. Through the use of artwork, throw pillows, colorful stools, window treatments, and so on – the list on how to incorporate color is endless – which will provide pops of color to your design’s foundation but will be easy enough to accommodate to the next trend.

Now, maybe you have a go-to design style that never fails but you are now getting a bit bored of the look. Some elements I concentrate on for changing up a look are countertops and backsplashes, as the slightest modification will alter (and refresh) the space’s design. A waterfall countertop, a wooden backsplash, or mixing stones together that aren’t normally mixed, will always provide a stylish update without changing the overall look. Even replacing an area rug or the artwork will give you something new to look at while preserving the design.


Image source : Betty Wasserman

When working with trends or tweaking your current interior design, be sure to give yourself versatility and flexibility. No one wants to be “stuck” with the same look once they grow tired of it, so being able to adjust accordingly is one of the most important concepts when following trends. No matter what trend you want your home to represent, there will always be fun details you can add to attain that look, instead of replacing larger pieces of furniture which will consume more time and money in the long run. So, take a good look at your home, see how to accessorize your foundation pieces, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative!