Betty’s ability to create a modern yet timeless aesthetic inside a home is immediately what drew me to her work. I have worked with Betty on 2 projects; one in Long Island, NY and the other in Westchester, NY. In my Long Island home, Betty created a modern and beachy vibe which lends itself perfectly to the open floor plan of the house. Though we worked on this project almost 10 years ago, it looks just as pristine and modern today as when it was originally finished. For my Westchester, NY home, Betty helped me redecorate my home, tailoring it exactly to my taste. Throughout both processes, Betty’s professionalism was exemplified by her extreme organization of the project, her efficiency, and her artistic vision. She helped me with everything from working with carpenters on custom pieces to one-of-a-kind pillows and artwork. Betty and her awesome daughter Milly have become close friends of mine and I could not be happier with her work.
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Betty is a delight to work with. We are so impressed by her professionalism, her organizational skills and most of all her aesthetic! My husband and I have vastly different taste and Betty has been able to please both of us. We highly recommend her!
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Over the past few years, I have worked with Betty on projects both in my NYC showroom and residences in CT (beach and town). Betty has great enthusiasm and excitement about design which is very inspirational. I also appreciate her ability to think outside the box and push the limits in order to make a concept into a reality. Her aesthetic approach is warm and comforting while at the same time modern and functional. She truly considered our lifestyle and integrated it into the design of our home projects, which is why we love the end result so much. Betty is also very sensitive to budgets and timing. I would highly recommend Betty Wasserman for any project and I hope to work with her again in the future!
Dawn & TJ
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I have worked with Betty Wasserman Art and Interiors for more than a decade and during that time have completed 4 projects, including one in Long Island, one in New York City, one in Florida and one in New Jersey. Betty's work is exceptional. She works well with clients who have a strong sense of their own style as well as those who need more input, and the end result is immaculate, under-stated and in keeping with the surroundings.
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Working with Betty instantly gave me peace of mind. I asked her to work on my project, which was my first hair salon. She came to the space and after describing my likes/dislikes she had tons of amazing ideas. Her approach was refreshing for me because I like assertive, confident, and efficient people and it's hard to find. I love the style options she gives, and wonderful design ideas. Her ability to make things happen on time is a huge plus. She was always available for me and kept me on target with my budget. I look forward to having her help with my next salon and new home.
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Betty is an experienced interior designer with impeccable contemporary taste. We have done various projects with her and were always very happy with the outcome. Your satisfaction will increase with the flexibility of your budget and timelines. She has great contacts for custom work and the quality is top notch. Her special skills include a great eye for fabric and color.
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We are happy to recommend Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors. Betty has an incredible eye which made all the difference in our major renovation of a beach house on Daniel's lane in Sagaponack. We love her ability to create a combination of both style and function in every room in our home! We especially love the kids' rooms—and the kids couldn't be happier either. They are elegant but still kid friendly and are both casual and sophisticated at the same time. Although our children are quite young, we don't feel we will have to redo their rooms for a very long time, they can grow up in these rooms, which is really nice. The color scheme she picked throughout the entire house is perfect for us and fabrics hold well extremely well for kids. We also love the selections of stone and tiles she picked for our bathrooms and kitchen - especially for the powder room, and overall, all the rooms, in general, live well together, they are similar but different. They feel well curated, but not exactly the same, so they don't get boring. There is a flow to the house that most every guest can appreciate and that we love with every visit. We couldn't be happier with the outcome!
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Not only do I love Betty's taste and aesthetics, I also admire her attention to details and her ability to simplify complex tasks and help me make important decisions with ease and grace. She comes up with creative solutions for small and large spaces and has an arsenal of great resources at various budget points. Although I worked with Betty on a rather small project, I know several of her other clients, and they are all happy with gorgeous, picture-perfect homes.
Gorgeous home interior design by Betty Wasserman
We were looking for a designer who had a contemporary look but would make the place comfortable. For us, this apartment is a getaway and we wanted it to be comfortable, warm and friendly. We saw Betty’s work online and liked it. We talked to her by phone, felt a connection and hired her to work with us. We have not been disappointed. Our place is warm, comfortable and contemporary. We love being able to arrive here and feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. In addition, we like to incorporate art into our environment and Betty was able to pull some artists and art that was definitely to our liking and helps to make the place our home. We know what we like, but were unfamiliar with the NY resources. Betty certainly knows where to go for what she wants. I really appreciated that our first couple of sessions together were spent just looking at things so that Betty could understand what we liked and did not like. In addition to designing and choosing furniture, Betty coordinated contractors, deliveries and installations, which all was a great relief to us. We would highly recommend Betty.
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Betty Wasserman changed my life at home with her ability to design our home with insight, clarity, affordability, creativity, durability, and taste. From floorboards to light fixtures to closet doors, she helped us define our vision and lifestyle and encouraged us to embrace our creativity.
Betty Wasserman accolades for the interior design in the Hamptons
We had a great experience working with Betty. She designed our apartment in NYC and was organized, meticulous and easy to work with. She kept to our timeline and had an agenda at every meeting that kept the project moving quickly forward. The number of decisions to be made for our apartment was, at times, overwhelming and exhausting to us but Betty did a fantastic job in easing us through the small decisions while keeping an eye on the big picture. We wanted to see a lot of choices for most of the purchases and she always managed to find a spectrum of options for us to choose from. We had a general idea of the style we liked but beyond that, our biggest priorities were livability and durability. Between our dog and young kids, we knew the apartment had to be pretty indestructible. We constantly get compliments on how spotless and pristine our apartment has stayed - if only our friends knew how many kids have danced on our living room couches! Betty did a fabulous job of working with materials that can withstand the day to day wear and tear of young kids - leaving us with a gorgeous apartment that we can enjoy without ever feeling like we're slaves to our fine things!
NYC interior design accolades for Betty Wasserman Arts & InteriorsAccolades for interior designs by Betty Wasserman Arts & Interiors
From the beginning, Betty was a pleasure to work with. She has exquisite taste, mastering the craft of design through a breathtaking eye for fine art mixed with a smashing knack for designing spaces that are both functional and beautiful, modern and whimsy-classic.
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Betty is very talented. She works with you to figure out your needs and taste and then presents several options that she thinks will work for you. She then refers and manages several contractors and artists to implement her vision. She truly has made a difference and our home looks a lot better now. Glad to recommend her!
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We had a wonderful experience working with Betty on our loft apartment in New York. The proof is the compliments we receive on the design and overall aesthetic of our home. Betty did a great job of guiding us to towards a wide variety of color schemes and furniture options. As we have two young children and a dog, she was also very helpful at choosing kid-friendly and dog-friendly fabrics. Her relationships with various artists were also helpful to us in choosing art to complete our home.
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Every space I've seen Betty touch has without a doubt turned to gold. If you're looking for professionalism and an unsurpassed eye for all things interior design, Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors is it. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of creative solutions and custom space savers makes her the best at what she does in New York.
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I have worked with Betty for eight months and I have already learned a great deal from her. It has been a treat to be able to watch some of her ideas grow into fruition and to learn her methods. Her organization that shines through in her work is also exemplified in the comfortable and creative work environment.
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When asked if I know someone who is a true talent - there is one answer...Betty.
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