Artists Representation


Betty Wasserman represents over 50 artists and seeks to integrate their work into her current projects. She has worked as an Art Dealer/consultant in New York City for over 20 years forming relationships with artists at many stages of their careers, from the young and emerging to the blue-chip and highly collectible.

As an established designer, Betty has made her mark by fusing original art, interior design and home furnishings into a complete and modern approach to lifestyles.

Best interior designer in Manhattan
Award winning interior designs
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In addition to direct artist representation, Betty Wasserman has established a very unique setting for her artists. She chooses work that reveals concepts in modern, non-representational thought through the use of formal elements. This allows these contemporaries to display their art in an environment that fosters a direct corresponding relationship, giving transcendence to the entire collection.

Offering the artist a unique clientele that grasp the direction of the contemporary art market, Betty Wasserman has an innate ability to take a specific genre of artwork and position it directly in the appropriate marketplace. By focusing on both interior design and artist representation, a unique synergy between the two disciplines is established, enabling the space to fully actualize. Clients experience a cohesion to their space that successfully brings harmony and functionality to their lifestyle.