Watermill Classic

The Hamptons


We went with a warm modern design, combining clean lines with earth tones and organic elements. The wooden accents anchor down the feeling of coziness as well as matches the beautiful exterior of the home. +

Homes that are big and luxurious are now emerging in the fields of the Hamptons. The clients Amy and Lee Jackson are the young owners of one of these homes. They were drawn to the strong construction and the generous space the home offered. There is an acre –plus hilltop and a distant view of the ocean. The clients were happy to take on the six month renovation as designer Betty Wasserman recalls. Waiting for only half a year to be moved into this dream home was better than the year and half it could have taken to start from scratch. The couple had a young son who began to walk and they agreed that they wanted to give their son a yard and an environment that had an outdoor life, something that he doesn’t have at the Soho loft they live in during the week.

Photography: Tria Giovan