Southampton Modern Farmhouse


This Southampton Modern Farmhouse was a collaboration with my architects and my daughter! Since this was a dream come true, to design a home for myself and my family, we really enjoyed the process from beginning to end. +

All the team members had the same vision, so the process was easy and fun. I have always wanted a house at the beach that reminded me of my first loft in lower Manhattan, with high ceilings, wide open spaces, and one main living, dining, and hang out space with a beautiful fireplace — as well as the option to live on the first and main floor without having to climb stairs.

We started with that in mind and designed from there. Once we established the standing seam roof shape and the expanse of glass across the front and the back, the rest was easy. We floated the fireplace wall in the center of the room, leaving lots of space above for the 25-foot ceilings above.

Almost 5,000 square feet inclusive of the lower level allowed for lots of programming, which houses the salon, the ballet room, another media area, a conference room, a full bath, storage, and some office space.

The master bath is an open plan, so no glass shower enclosures, just an open wet area, and a huge vanity for lots of storage, two things I wanted most for the master.

We have a study which also acts as the fourth bedroom, and a great mudroom entry, with lots of storage and pegs for the many hanging items upon entry.

The finishes were all based on my love for Pelle Grigio – my stone inspiration throughout, with greys and whites; then the floors followed, and the fabrics and rugs from there. The special areas are the covered outdoor spaces, with outdoor drapery, lots of comfortable seating, outdoor rugs, and every hospitality with heaters built into the ceilings, overlooking the pool, with a shallow space for our poodles, or for just sitting and lounging.

The Odegard and Merida rugs throughout really elevate every room, while keeping it cozy and casual!

The guest house allows for sanity while hosting guests all summer, but is also an anchor at the back of the property to balance out the other shapes. We call it our little monopoly building—a mini version of the main house.