Oceanfront Oasis

Westhampton Beach

Our client commissioned the construction of a modern oceanfront home in The Hamptons, featuring stunning water views on both fronts. The design and construction of this house, nestled on a beautiful piece of land, focused on specific storage and entertainment requirements, all while maintaining a crisp and sophisticated aesthetic.

A key consideration was hosting their grown children, along with their spouses and grandchildren. So, a significant portion of the design planning was dedicated to accommodating this requirement. An entire floor was allocated for the nursery and playroom, emphasizing durability to withstand the activities of small children and pets. Resilient custom furniture in various areas ensures practicality for hosting youngsters, so everyone can comfortably sit, even in wet bathing suits!

Custom lighting fixtures were designed for double-height ceilings. Meanwhile, integrated custom cabinetry and closets optimize storage and aesthetics in every room, catering to diverse needs with user-friendly solutions.

The client's impressive blue-chip art collection took center stage in the main spaces and study. Careful attention was given to displaying these artworks alongside other selections, creating a cohesive and visually striking interior. We also tailored a versatile living room console with extra depth, accommodating the client's love for wood puzzles while staying engaged during social gatherings. The flexibility of this design enables a smooth transition to other activities during her entertaining weekends.

Photography: Eric Striffler