Interior Design

Magazine: Interior Design
Article: Beach-Blanket Modern
Photographer: Eric Laignel
Journalist: Raul Barreneche
July 2007 +

There are charming villages in the Hamptons filled with vernacular cottages and castles. Two city residents decided it was time to find a place that suited their young family that was near the ocean and on a quiet street. During the search a house became available however there was a drawback to this residence; it was an “ugly duckling” as designer Betty Wasserman recalls. The couple purchased the home imagining only some small updates like doors and refreshing to the kitchen were all that was needed. Those thoughts evolved. Wasserman worked closely with architect Glenn Leitch to “rework the entire three-level scheme.” Renovation took three years to complete. Leitch was able to give the clients a more efficient home layout through the use of space planning and wanted to show off the bones of the house with the idea of practicality behind it. Wasserman then took the design to the next level by recognizing as a mom and a designer, that the couple were in need of flooring that would be best suited for sand and wet swimsuits so she installed bluestone pavers. Wasserman also specified plenty of mudroom storage to house towels, tennis rackets, and soccer balls.