Interior Design

Magazine: Interior Design
Article: Head Over Heels
October 2011 +

As New York bond trader Neeraj left his job in 2008 this gentleman was looking for some time off. Now years later he has yet to return to Wall Street. This is due to having 4 year old twin boys. The apartment sits overlooking Washington Square Park. Some small adjustments were made to the apartment before Betty Wasserman completed the furnishings and art collection. This apartment was a four bedroom, five bath layout. “Wasserman designed on the modern side but not ultramodern” as the wife Barbara states. This apartment was to be used for a loft showcase and a pet and kid friendly home.
In the entryway, the tone was set with a console table and a bench by one of Wasserman’s favorite collaborators. An abstract painting was hung above the console. The walls were textured with a durable material that makes it easy for removing marks from hands and skitter balls- an advantage when the children use the long hallway connecting the entry to the bedrooms as their soccer field.